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Commercial Solutions -

Because Presentation Is Everything

How many presentations do you and your colleagues make in a month? In a year? Each presentation is a unique opportunity to manage, communicate, collaborate and inspire. And each time you meet, whether with an individual or a large group, you need to make a statement and a lasting impression. Learn More >

Education Solutions -

Designing technology solutions for education and integrating the most up-to-date classroom technology is what we do best. We've been installing innovative systems that enhance the learning experience of students for over 25 years.

Xerox Audio Visual Solutions champions the integration of leading-edge technology in the curriculum. We also help schools identify funding sources for purchasing technology.

Government Solutions -

Mission-critical data delivered without fail.

Whether your environment is a government organization, utility, telecommunications company, fire department, police department or military operation, one thing holds true -- the information you need is vital. When there is zero margin for error and downtime is out of the question, you can depend on data walls, digital displays and command and control center audio visual from Xerox Audio Visual Solutions.

Military Solutions - Today it's imperative that you be able to disseminate mission-critical data and information to your command as quickly and effectively as possible. Xerox Audio Visual Solutions has been serving military bases and organizations since 1981 providing the cutting-edge technology solutions necessary to complete your tasks. Xerox Audio Visual Solutions' total Audio Visual and Video Communication Solutions help military organizations access and share information.
Healthcare - Implementing our services help healthcare professionals to provide better care for their clients, while reducing the burden on patients by delivering the best care on their terms. Our services allow you to reduce travel costs and times. Our solutions allow you to see more patients in more places. We can help you provide on demand access to specialists and second opinions from around the globe.


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