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Because Presentation Is Everything

How many presentations do you and your colleagues make in a month, or in a year? Each presentation is a unique opportunity to manage, communicate, collaborate and inspire. And each time you meet, whether with an individual or a large group, you need to make a statement and a lasting impression.

So imagine the possibilities for your next business meeting. Using your micro touch screen control system, the room lights dim, the dual plasma screens and the concealed digital document camera come to life. Your fully-animated Powerpoint show begins along with a video on DVD promoting your company. The audio system fills the room with digital sound, and the document camera projects your product on the screen in full 3-D magnification. Your business associates have also joined the presentation from hundreds of miles away via discreet HD video conferencing, and the entire experience will be digitally recorded and streamed for your management meeting next week.

Xerox Audio Visual Solutions (XAV) can integrate the solutions to make all this possible. Incorporating technology into your business requires a skilled audio visual solution provider experienced in design, installation, maintenance, training and IT. Our installations range from basic classrooms to high-end corporate boardrooms, training rooms, lobbies, auditoriums, distance learning centers and command and control centers. For over 25 years, XAV has been providing solutions like these to both Enterprise and SMB Markets.


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