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Education Solutions

Designing technology solutions for education and integrating the most up-to-date classroom technology is what we do best. We've been installing innovative systems that enhance the learning experience of students for over 25 years.

Xerox Audio Visual Solutions champions the integration of leading-edge technology in the curriculum. We also help schools identify funding sources for purchasing technology.

Many of our associates are former teachers or have family members who teach. We understand firsthand the challenges of engaging and educating digital thinkers. Our mission is to support educators in the all-important work of illuminating, educating, enlightening and inspiring our children.

The instructional tools needed to engage today's students are evolving alongside a host of technologies that entertain as well as inform them. If our schools are to produce the workforce that is required in a digital economy, our students must have access to classroom technology that fully and actively engages them.

Xerox Audio Visual Solutions is committed to working with educators and schools to provide the technology necessary to achieve instructional excellence in a digital learning environment. Together, we are preparing students for a brave new world in which the old ways of learning will have forever changed.

Higher Education Solutions

EducationIn higher education today, students have come to expect cutting-edge technology in the classroom. Technology plays a vital role in helping to facilitate group projects and problem-based work. In turn, the student carries this knowledge and experience into the business world.

The extent to which technology is integrated into campus life varies greatly and reaches well beyond the scope of the classroom. From digital signage to podcasting, students and educators alike have come to depend on the technologies found on campus.

Xerox Audio Visual Solutions has been providing the technology solutions expected in higher education to ensure our graduates are prepared for real world business applications.

K-12 Solutions

K-12Teachers know that students are better learners when they are actively engaged in the learning process. But engaging students in the classroom has never been more challenging than in today's digitized media-saturated society. As they compete for students' attention with the multitude of distractions, educators are rethinking old strategies and developing new ones to connect with their students

Xerox Audio Visual Solutions provides 21st century classroom technology solutions to help educators bridge the digital gap often found in education today. These technologies facilitate collaborative learning, problem-solving and goal setting and prepare students for the real world.

Xerox Audio Visual Solutions is committed to working with educators, schools and our technology partners to provide the tools necessary to achieve instructional excellence in a digital learning environment.

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